Friday, 21 December 2012

Snow Day!

Woke up to big fat wet flakes of snow and the realization that I wouldn't make the drive into the city for my sister's End of the World Sale. I'd been working all week on some new pieces to bring, but they'll just have to wait for the next sale. 
Here's the view from my window this morning:

Spent an hour shoveling the drive (this is 'heart attack snow' - wet and heavy) with the help of my neighbour who did the 'hump' for me. But now as I look out, it's all filled in again, so guess what I'll be doing tonight? I woke at 6.30 and saw the woman across the street shoveling and thought 'she's nuts' and went back to bed with a cuppa. But she was probably smarter than I. Although she HAS been out there 3 times already today. This can probably be attributed to her German genes which tell her 'every bit of snow must be removed'! I have the same genes, but they're not so fussy.

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