Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day Update

Well, Christmas has come and gone for another year. As usual, with lots of little kiddies now, we had a wonderful time - even though both my sister and I were sick and had laryngitis (truly a 'Silent Night'). Lots of good food, family, laughs, games and of course, presents.
On the 22nd we went to the 34th annual Caroling Party at Nora and Kim's. The only pic I have is this one of my grandson, as we left for Ottawa. We wore matching flashing Rudolph noses:
Because of our German Heritage, we celebrate on Christmas Eve (Heilige Nacht). This year, dinner was hosted by my daughter and it was delicious. My daughter-in-law arranged a 'Family Feud' game (boys against girls) and the boys won (although I would say it was a questionable victory....
 The Christmas tree at Clair and Glenn's:
Christmas breakfast at my house and my laryngitis was full blown. Still had a good time. Mum had slept over and helped with the food prep and the kids did the clean-up. We opened our stockings - lots of goodies, including what I thought was a mini-scrabble game (I'm a word game freak) but turned out to be chocolates! yummmm
Cancelled my Boxing Day Brunch so I sent all the goodies home with the kids and my Mum. So today (Boxing Day) is being spent in silence, with sporadic coughing fits...eating brie and chocolate - Life is Good.

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