Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Gadouille (Sylvie) in France has built an arbour in her garden and asked for donations from her followers - she wanted hearts - which she will hang from her arbour. I think it's a great idea and might ask the same of my p.c. friends. Check out her website - she does lovely work . You'll see some of the hearts she's received - including mine!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

A year since I started this and I've done very little. HOWEVER, my beads and some necklaces are being carried by Ravensara in Wellington Village, Ottawa. AND I've sold a few pieces privately. Will be at the North Gower Market in September and at the Kemptville College Christmas Sale in November. I'm slowly starting to move.

My sister, Ali, however, has gone global!! Well, almost. Her card line has been taken over by Pine Ridge Art and will be sold all over North America (to start). They will also be putting the line on tote bags, cups, etc. I think she's going to be a gazillionaire! And she deserves it. What a hilarious woman she is!